Make Sure Your Software is Up-to-date!

Do you already own a CAD Zone application?

If you have purchased a CAD Zone program in the past, you may be eligible for a FREE update to the latest version, or to purchase a new version at a greatly reduced upgrade price. We frequently release new versions of all our programs and post them to the web site so users can download them. In these new versions we usually have fixed some problems that were reported and we often improve features or even add new ones. You should check frequently to see if there is a newer version available for your software!

Click on the name of your software to see if an updated version is available for download. You must already have purchased the program to install the update!

IS YOUR DOWNLOAD GOING TOO SLOW?? If you are downloading our program from within your department network and it’s taking too long,you are most likely behind a proxy server.  Contact your IT department to download the file for you or allow you to download from this page.

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What's an Update?
What's an Upgrade?

All CAD Zone software has a version number that consists of a main version number, like "8", and  two numbers to the right of the decimal point, like ".53", to make the full version number "8.53"

All new versions that change the version number ONLY to the right of the decimal point are considered "Updates" and you are encouraged to download them from this website for no charge. For example, if you purchase Version 8.53 and you notice that version 8.54 is now available for download, you can get it for free. Similarly, if Version 8.60 is released, you are also free to download and install it.

Major "Upgrades" are released every couple of years, this is when we change the main version number. For example, a major version change would be going from Version 8.53 to Version 9.00. Major version changes have many, many improvements and powerful new features. Major version changes are available to existing users for a special upgrade cost that is much lower than the original cost of the program. It is our goal to make sure it is affordable for you to continue to be a CAD Zone user.


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