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This is what Crash Zone and Crime Zone
users have to say:  

Officer Greg South, Newtown P.D. (PA):
"Always imitated, but never duplicated, your software keeps getting better! Despite the other diagram programs on the market, yours can't be beat! Thanks for keeping it simple and easy to use!"

Deputy Bobby Jones, Knox County Sheriff(TN): 
"We used The Crime Zone to create diagrams for a recent homicide investigation. The diagrams were so definitive, illustrating all the evidence, that the defendant pled guilty without contest! I've tried most of the other drawing software out there, but The Crime Zone is my program of choice. Its user-friendly interface allowed me to quickly learn the software with no specific training. I also use The Crime Zone in conjunction with my Laser Technology Impulse Laser measurement system. It imports the data flawlessly so I can create a finished, courtroom-quality drawing."

Don Kapla, Washington County Sheriff's Office (WI):
"Simply Awesome!"

Jerry Jones, Brevard County Sheriff (FL):
"I love it and use it all the time. The courts have accepted my diagrams and comment on how easy it is to understand what happened during the crash. I drew a diagram for an accident that covered more than 1/2 mile. The DA's office raved about it. I could not have done it without The Crash Zone!"

Officer Mike Allard, Northamptom PD (MA): 
"As a reconstructionist, I have used Crash Zone version 4, 5, 6, and now 7. I just have to say - what a program! I can't say enough about Crash Zone. My diagrams have always been accepted in court for collisions, crime scenes, and insurance litigation. A 2D Crash Zone diagram of mine was accepted and posted by NHTSA."

Jill Simmons, New Bedford P.D. (MA):
"I love The Crash Zone! I drew a diagram for an accident that covered more than 1/2 mile. The DA's office raved about it. I could not have done it without The Crash Zone!"  

Sgt. Matt Whalen, Boston P.D. (MA):
"The judge said my diagrams drawn with The Crime Zone were the best he had ever seen in his courtroom!"    

InvestIigator Peter Paranzino, Portland P.D. (CT):
"The Crime Zone is by far the easiest drawing software I have ever used. It makes my job easier and I get a very professional finished product. The Crime Zone software is worth every penny we paid for it!"

Eugene Nielsen, author, S.W.A.T. Magazine:
"This is the best crime scene/accident diagramming software I have seen to date. It's also a superb tool for tactical diagramming, which is so critical to planning SWAT operations and raids."  

Sean Collinson, Clackamas Co. Sheriff (OR):
"A single vehicle crash occurred on a very complex intersection. I had to access the tutorials to remember how to use some of the features, but it was still very easy! I completed the entire diagram while waiting for the tow truck to arrive to tow the vehicle. My only complaint is that I wish I were able to use The Crash Zone more often!"

Daniel Holstein, Las Vegas P.D. (NV):
"I have tried 3D Eye Witness, but to me it doesn't come close to The Crime Zone! I can do an extremely accurate, fairly complex diagram in 2-3 hours, which is very fast when compared to all the other programs I've tried. It also works great in conjunction with our Nikon Total Station system."

Detective Steve LaPorta, Gloucester Co. Prosector's Office (NJ):
"My agency has been using Crime Zone and Crash Zone since 1995. These programs have enhanced our office's diagrams and made them court ready immediately. This software is a MUST for all agencies in Law Enforcement & Criminal Prosecution. I would have to tip my hat to all of the dedicated and courteous people at The CAD Zone. The professionalism that is extended by them is only surpassed by their extensive knowledge of the program and immediate answers to your questions."

Detective Mark Davis, Dayton P.D. (OH):
"Good-bye AutoSketch, hello The Crash Zone! In just two evenings I feel as accomplished with The Crash Zone as I am after years of using AutoSketch. One of the line types is called "laneline" which allows me to quickly draw standard traffic lane lines. You don't know how much time is saved not having to measure and then draw each individual line segment, like I had to do in AutoSketch."

Detective Sergeant Burton Golden, Paris P.D. (TX):
"Crime Zone is very easy to use, without this program accurate drawings for court presentation and convictions would be most difficult. Thanks for all your hard work and efforts in assisting law enforcement!"

Dennis Usery, New Mexico 9th Judicial DA's Office: 
"The up side: Your product is great - we completed several courtroom presentations this week. We had a bit of a scare when my PC crashed and I couldn't locate our CAD Zone CD. I called your 1-800 number, and they got me up and running in no time. The down side: As the "IT" guy, I'm tasked to do all the diagrams and have been working some weekends to prepare for the following week's court battles. I think it's time for a raise."

Kevin Stich, Beavton P.D. (OR):
"I recommend The Crash Zone or The Crime Zone to any agency who wants to produce court room quality diagrams with a minimum of time and effort. Any investigator who wants to get results should be using one of these programs...just ask the people we've put behind bars."

Chris Owens, Louisiana State Police:
"It is one of the most user friendly drawing programs that I have ever used! The diagrams are easy to prepare and look very professional."

Jim Mentzer, Crash Reconstructionist, Woodbury (NJ): 
"I've used several computerized drawing programs over the years, but my greatest faith is in The Crash Zone. Along with being a very powerful program, it's easy to use and enables me to draw any collision scene with considerable accuracy."

Doug Jordan, Eugene P.D. (OR): 
"I have been a Crash Zone user for more than 5 years. Not only are their products powerful and easy to use, but they listen to their users. Several times I have called to suggest new features and I see them implemented in the very next version! I'm just a cop with little time and less patience for learning difficult drawing software, but The Crash and Crime Zone are the epitome of user-friendly. If you haven't used a CAD Zone product before, I suggest you visit their web site and order a 30-day trial version. The program speaks for itself."

Investigator David Hogsed, Spartanburg DPS (SC):
"The Crime Zone is great! I used it in court for the first time and it was powerful!"      

Investigator Ed Johnson (retired), Gloucester Co. Prosecutor's Office (NJ):
"Our detailed drawings created with The Crime Zone show the jury exactly how the crime or accident scene appeared and it really helps our DA's win more cases!"

Deputy Jamie Free, Sullivan Co. Sheriff's Office (TN):
"I started using The Crash Zone version 5, with just basic instruction, and I am currently using Crash Zone 6 & 3D with great results. This is the easiest program I have ever used!"

Mike Bann, Accident Measurement and Mapping, Yuma (AZ):
"For 10 years we have used Crash Zone to go unchallenged in court. Your products have kept us on the winning side and withstood the test of time. Thank you for providing the tools to win!"

Sgt M.J. Stokes, Houston Co. Sheriff's Office (GA):
"I would like to thank you for an excellent product. I have used it several times since getting it and I am very pleased. It has been easy to learn and extremely user friendly."

Officer Jerry Drum, Albany P.D. (OR): "The software is incredibly easy to use and the online tutorial helps with even the hardest task."

Michael Thompson, Walla Walla P.D. (WA):
"The Crash Zone is extremely useful for collision reconstruction and courtroom presentations. The 3D diagrams are our primary tool for jury presentations."

Officer Teri King, Lodi P.D. (CA):
"I must tell you how thrilled I am with The Crash Zone! After just doing the first tutorial I was up and running, doing my own scenes in a matter of minutes. I never thought it could be so easy. I'm hooked!"

Jerry Jones, Brevard Co. Sheriff (FL):
"It's phenomenal! I've tried Autosketch and all the other drawing programs. There's just no comparison to Crash Zone!"

Sgt David Connor, Andalusia P.D. (AL):
"Excellent program! The Crash Zone is a great help with my work!"

Special Agent Hans Miller, NC State Bureau of Investigation:
"Very effective! I have recommended your product to other agents and detectives. The Crime Zone has been instrumental in successfully reconstructing major crime scenes for DA's and juries. Thanks for a job well done!"

Ed Elster, Clay Co. Sheriffs (FL):
"I love The Crash Zone! I have been using AutoSketch, but Crash Zone is much easier and the 3D Viewer is great!"

Captain David McElhaney, Huntington Co. Sheriff (IN):
"It's easy to use & makes great drawings. I've tried other programs, but this is by far the best!"

Trooper Jay Walker, Ohio Hwy Patrol:
"Thank you for all the improvements you guys are constantly making in the program. I love the way it works and how easy it is to use!! I brag up the software anytime I can to whoever will listen. This was a good investment!"

Trooper Ted Kocur, Nevada Hwy Patrol:
"I just received training on Crash Zone. It was totally amazing! It makes doing an accident diagram enjoyable. Definitely great software."

Vincent Baiocchetti, Belmont P.D. (NH):
"I have used several different types of software including AutoCAD and MapScenes and find Crash Zone AIMS one of the best pieces of equipment that we use overall. Everything from the easier learning curve, the final diagram, the tech support, training, and the price are hard to beat!"

Sgt. Dan Costello, Portland Police Bureau (OR):
"Just started using your program and finding it very useful."

Deputy Sheriff Jason Peterson, Lancaster Co. Sheriff's Office (NE):
"This is the first and only program I have used like this, yet I find it very easy to use and it makes great looking drawings! I have self taught myself everything just by using the online help and included instructions. I have created many accurate and impressive to-scale diagrams for courtroom presentations. Thank you!"

Sgt Petty, Schofield Barracks Military P.D. (HI):
"My Traffic Investigations section found your Crash Zone accident reconstruction software to be vital to their mission success, so I purchased it for them."

Joe Vanseeters, Hartford Co. Sheriff's Office:
"I think The Crash Zone is very easy to use. I learn new things I can do with it every time I use it. It is a fantastic tool for the Crash Reconstructionist."

Doug Williams, LaPaz Co. Sheriff's Office:
"Crash Zone is one of the most useful tools I have used in Collision Reconstruction to date."

Sgt David Connor, Andalusia P.D. (AL):
"Excellent program! The Crash Zone is a great help with my work!"

Richard Ferrone, Morris Twp P.D. (NJ):
"It's great! As an accident investigator it makes my life so much easier.  This program makes Crash Reconstruction much easier and less time consuming. Crash Zone diagrams are more factual, realistic, and user-friendly than any other products! I truly appreciate that you accept input ideas from the individuals in the field that deal with the real issues."

Deputy Ken Salas, Spokane Co. Sheriff's Office:
"I love it even more now that I can download directly from the total station!"

Corp Dennis Sims, Washington Twp Police (NJ):
"Excellent Product!"

Joe Johnson, DePere P.D. (WI):
"Excellent software! Very easy to use with little training. One of the best tools in the reconstruction field today!"

Jeff Debolt, Beaverton P.D. (OR):
"Crash Zone is the best product on the market. I have used several different mapping programs and have found Crash Zone to be the easiest and most user friendly product of them all. Everyone at CAD Zone is great to work with and have gone out of their way to help out whenever I had a question. I will never need any other scene mapping program!"

Robert Denney, Clovis P.D. (NM):
"I love your products. They make diagramming a breeze!"

Brian Dennis, San Juan Co. Sheriff's (NM):
"As a crash reconstructionist for our department, I find The Crash Zone to be a valuable tool. Not only does it make my job easier and takes less time to do diagrams, but I get numerous compliments from judges and attorneys about the work that I have done."

Sgt Alan Hart, Florida Hwy Patrol:
"The program is fantastic and works great for us!!!!"

Sean Johnson, Geneseo P.D. (IL):
"Crash Zone with the 3D Viewer - it's AWESOME!!"

Trooper Scott Keane, Wyoming Hwy Patrol:
"This product is a real time saver! I am now able to produce great looking crash diagrams in half the time."

Investigator Timothy Kramer, Ft. Shafter MP:
"This is the best product I have ever used. It has helped me in so many ways."

Reconstructionist Robert Lotz, The Traffic Firm:
"Outstanding software! I've been using it for years and have never had a problem with its use in court or during depositions."

Detective Edward Johnson (retired), Gloucester Co. Prosecutor's Office (NJ):
"One of the greatest tools that a department can purchase! It allows the investigator to bring the crime scene into the courtroom so that the jury can see for themselves what happened and how the scene really appeared."

Detective Denman, Lorain P.D. (OH):
"This is the greatest for re-creating Crime Scenes!"

Mike Kastens, New Richmond P.D. (WI):
"I think The Crime Zone and The Crash Zone software are excellent!"

Cpl Denis Chiasson, RCMP (Ottawa):
"I love it. It's a great tool and easy to use. Thanks!"

Sgt Scott Collings, Hamilton Police Services:
"Great product! There are so many different ways to create a very professional presentation."

Lorraine Krisanda, Legal Graphics:
"I think Crime Zone is one of the greatest products. I work in the district attorney's office and have used it for many cases!"

Detective Mark McCoy, Lorain P.D. (OH):
"I love it! I'm getting better with each use!" 

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