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The Crash Zone is a more powerful crash scene drawing      program with amazing 3D, animation, and crash    calculations! Click here to learn about The Crash Zone!

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Quick Scene - 5 Minute Crash Scene Diagrams!

Are you looking for the easiest and fastest way to create accident diagrams? Do you want an affordable program that lets you finish a collision sketch in as little as 5 minutes but also has the tools to draw a detailed, to-scale, crash scene diagram? Then Quick Scene is your answer. 

Quick Scene is also easily integrated into electronic accident forms and state crash reports.

Quick Scene is idea for drawing fast, but detailed, crash scene diagrams. Save your diagram as an image in .jpg format, or as a
.pdf file and display it in you State reports.

Here are three reasons why you should be using Quick Scene:


                               It’s Easy!                              

No Training Required – You can easily teach yourself to draw! Just read the message bar to find out what to do next for each command. There are also plenty of tutorials, movies, and Help topics that show you how to use each feature! 

Easy Drawing and Editing Tools -Draw lines, rectangles, circles, arcs, and curves, all according to your exact measurements or just sketch them to look the way you want. Editing commands let you move, copy, break, trim, extend, and stretch items. Click here to learn more about Quick Scene's features!

Easy Intersection ToolboxDraw intersections of up to 20 lanes on each street with just a few mouse clicks! Easily add turn lanes, medians, bus turn outs, street names, and more.

Coordinate data table - Use
this spreadsheet-like table to enter baseline or triangulation measurements. It's easy to connect the points with lines, arcs, or curves. You can also import ASCII data from a total station and use this table to automatically connect points.

Unlimited Undo/Redo – If you make a mistake, just “Undo it”! You can undo and redo as many steps as you need.

                              It’s Fast!                               


More than 6000 pre-drawn symbols - Just point and click to place pre-drawn symbols for cars, trucks, buses, emergency vehicles, commercial vehicles, trains, signs, trees, shrubs, weapons, traffic control items and more.  Even crime scene and marine symbols are included! The Symbol Manager makes it easy for you to find the symbol you want and get it placed with the correct rotation, size. and color.

Bring in digital photos and satellite images and place them in your diagrams! Use photos to show vehicle crush, debris,
or other details of the scene.


Fast Text and Dimensions – Select from commonly used text labels and even add your own labels to the pick list. Special tools let you place text, arrows, and dimensions with just a couple of clicks. 

70 Custom Line Types – Just select a special Line Type from the list and turn any line, arc, or curve into a railroad track, fence, skid mark, lane line, or guard rail. Line types are also included for dots, dashes, and dash-dot patterns.  

Intersection Templates – Create and save templates of common intersections in your area so you can use them over and over. Share your intersections with other Quick Scene and Crash Zone users, too!

                          It’s Just Better!                           

Save To .PDF and More Save your diagrams as .pdf files to share or include in reports. You can also save diagrams to .jpg, .bmp, .wmf, and .dxf formats. 

Bring in Photographs –Import digital photographs, satellite images, and aerial images to use as a background to your diagram or to trace over building footprints. 

More Documentation –Includes a printed manual and extensive electronic help topics. The unique Learning Center brings all the training materials together so you can find the information you need. 

Training Movies – Quick Scene includes more than 50 training movies that show you step-by-step how to use each feature. 

FREE Technical Support –Have a question? Just call or email us! There is never any charge for support. You can talk to our support representatives as long as you want!

NO Annual Fees –There is never an annual maintenance fee and registered users can always download minor updates* to Quick Scene for no charge! 

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* A minor update is one where the main version number remains unchanged. For example, it is a minor update to go from version 4.3 to 4.5. It is an “upgrade” to go from version 4.5 to version 5.0. There is a small charge for upgrades, but each user can decide if they want to purchase the upgrade or stay with what they have.

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