Lesson 4 - Attaching a diagram to the occupant record


This lesson teaches you how to attach Fire Zone Diagram files or images to the occupant records you have entered in First Look Pro. The diagram information is on the right-hand side of the screen, under the words “First Look Pro”. The Diagrams are listed in the order that they were entered rather than alphabetical order, so be sure to enter the most important diagrams first!


Click the “New Diagram Record” Icon.



A dialog box appears asking you to load either a diagram or load an image.



Click the Load Diagram icon.


When the “Open” dialog box appears:


Navigate to the \Viewer\Diagrams folder (if you are not already there), select the A-049 Overview.czd file, and click the Open button.



Note: You must have all of your diagrams and image files located on the same drive or partition in order to use them in First Look Pro. They can be different file folders, as long as they have the same drive letter.


The File Name and File Path fields are automatically filled in when the file is selected, and the diagram is loaded into the preview window.


Click in the Notes field and Type: Area Overview



In the diagram preview window you can use the Viewing tools to “zoom-in” on an area of the diagram, pan, or refresh it. Once multiple diagrams are entered, use the navigation tools (located above the diagram information) to scroll back and forth through the various diagrams, just like you would when scrolling through the pre-fire entries.



Since there are multiple diagrams associated with this pre-fire plan, repeat the above steps to attach the following diagrams and notes.


Diagram #2

File Name: A-049.czd

Notes: Complex Floor plan

Diagram #3

File Name: A-049a.czd

Notes: Rooms 1-24, 56 & 57

Diagram #4

File Name: A-049b.czd

Notes: Rooms 101-102, 120-121

Diagram #5

File Name: A-049c.czd

Notes: Rooms 103-119

Diagram #6

File Name: A-049d.czd

Notes: Rooms 226-256

Diagram #7

File Name: A-049e.czd

Notes: Rooms 201-203, 222-225, 257-259

Diagram #8

File Name: A-049f.czd

Notes: Rooms 204-221


Click the save icon to save the diagram information.



Full-Screen Mode

Clicking the arrow icon in the upper-left hand corner of the diagram screen causes the diagram to be displayed in “full-screen” mode. The view tools and navigation toolbar are provided allowing you to zoom in, pan and refresh your diagram. The maximized window can be reduced to its original size by clicking the “Minimize Arrow” icon located in the upper-left corner of the maximized notes window.



If needed the diagram can be printed directly from full-screen mode by clicking the Print icon  included with the navigation tools at the top of the diagram window.



The Diagram Viewer

The Diagram Viewer is a separate application that displays your pre-fire diagrams that were created in The Fire Zone. It is designed to work directly with First Look Pro, and is included with it. The Viewer allows you to view and analyze your diagrams associated with a pre-fire record. You can make simple “red-line” changes to add notes, but you can’t edit the original diagram.



Once a diagram is added to an occupant record it is displayed in the diagram preview window.

Simply click the “Launch Viewer” icon  to start the viewer and automatically open the selected diagram.


The Fire Zone Program

The Fire Zone is the drawing application used to create the diagrams that you preview in First Look Pro. While it is designed to work directly with First Look Pro, it is a separate program that is not included with First Look Pro. If you have access to The Fire Zone you can use it to edit and change any of your pre-fire diagrams.



Once a diagram is added to an occupant record it is displayed in the diagram preview window.


Simply click the “Launch Fire Zone” icon  to start The Fire Zone and automatically open the selected diagram.


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