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First Look Pro Version 5

Pre-fire Plan Organizer with Mobile Mapping

“I just want to enter an address and have the computer find my pre-plans…”

For years, that is what firefighters have been telling us they want. Sounds simple enough, but First Look Pro is the only software application that does it right! This unique pre-planning software is designed specifically for use on mobile computers, with extra large buttons for ease-of-use on touch screens. It’s even easier and faster to find your preplans in the newest version of First Look Pro - just enter any part of the building name or address and instantly preview all the related building information, site diagrams, photos, maps, and other documents. Choose the Mobile Mapping option and First Look Pro displays a street map that shows the location of the incident and the current location of your vehicle - updated as you drive!

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FLP5 screen HS

New Version 5 – More powerful, still easy to use

This new version of First Look Pro is full of new features that were requested by fire fighters like you. We had users tell us to make First Look Pro compatible with the WISER hazardous materials program. Other users wanted the ability to group pre-plans for occupants together, like all the stores in a mall. We were told we needed to add in a more comprehensive fire flow calculator. Still other users wanted the ability to add their own, unique, fields to the First Look Pro screen. Version 5 has all these features that were requested by users and more. We've also streamlined the screens so they load faster ever.

No Internet Required!

Some fire service software requires you to go online just to view and edit your pre-incident plans. We all know the internet is a powerful source of data, but do First Responders want to depend on that connection for potentially life-saving information? When a storm or some other disaster knocks out the local internet connection, First Look Pro users don't even notice. All of the critical information about structures and hazardous materials included in their pre-plans is stored locally on each mobile computer's hard disk. Powerful synchronization tools automatically keep their First Look Pro pre-incident plans up-to-date. No internet connection is required.

Now, Fire and Police personnel can share the same preplans

First responders from both agencies can now benefit from the same critical pre-incident plans. Police users can view information about the structure, access, utility shut-offs, hazards, and contacts. Every record can also include diagrams, photographs, tactical plans and other documents.

Captain Val Codino shows off First Look Pro on one of the Canby (OR) Fire Department mobile computers.



 "It's all about saving lives
and First Look Pro helps
us do it. First Look Pro
allows us to quickly
access our pre-incident
plans that show the
critical information we
need to safely do
our jobs."

Captain Val Codino, 
Canby, OR,
Fire Department



Replace all those 3-ring binders with First Look Pro

  • Industry-standard SQL format –This new database format is faster, more reliable, more compatible, and can handle more data than ever before.

  • New in Version 5!New, streamlined graphics display your pre-fire plansfaster than ever.

  •  Find your plans instantly - New ways to search make it faster and easier to find your preplans! Enter any part of an address or building name to locate that preplan.New in Version 5!Save your search criteria and synchronize searches between all your computers running First Look Pro.

    FLP5 attachments
  • See diagrams, photos and maps -Use First Look Pro to organize as many attachments as you want. Full screen viewing is available for many file types.
  • Attach all types of files –Have any type of file instantly available in your preplans, including MS Word® documents, Adobe Acrobat® .pdf, even Visio® diagrams.

  • New in Version 5! Create your own fields for the First Look Pro screen! Is there something you think FLP is missing? Just add it.

  • Get all the building details -What kind of roof? How do we get in? Where's the standpipe? And many more details can be available in every preplan.
  • Know where to get water -List the closest hydrants & volume. Two ways to calculate fire flow.

  • New in Version 5! Create a Master Hydrant list or import it from your Water Department. Eliminate duplicate hydrant listings and ensure your hydrant information is accurate.
  • Evaluate hazards - List all HazMat on site and even have access to an electronic copy of the ERG 2008 DOT Emergency Guidebook with automatic I/PD and H2O reactivity indicators.

  • New in Version 5! First Look Pro is now compatible with WISER, the hazardous materials program available from the National Library of Medicine.
  • Keep pre-fire plans up-to-date –Use the powerful Synchronization tools to modify your preplans and synchronize those changes with all other computers on your network. New in Version 5! you can even synchronize changes to pre-plans with your Mutual Aid departments.
  • Also for Police –Now Police and Fire users can share a single First Look Pro database, each with their own specialized fields.

First Look Pro has many other features that help you create, maintain, organize, and access your pre-fire plans. Click here to learn more about First Look Pro's features. 

    First Look Pro now has mobile mapping

    Even before you can take advantage of your pre-incident plans, you have to find the building. Now First Look Pro has an optional Mobile Mapping program which lets you see just how to get there. With First Look Pro Map, you can display a map of your district on the mobile computers in your apparatus which shows the exact location of the incident. A GPS receiver is included to show the location of the vehicle and its progress towards the incident. You see exactly where you are and where you need to go! A separate map designer program lets you prepare your ESRI map layers so they look exactly the way you want them to look.

    With First Look Pro Map, you can see exactly where you are and where you want to go! Use standard electronic maps from your City or County GIS Department. A GPS receiver is included.

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