´╗┐Fire / Ins Update Notes


Improved memory management
Handles large high def images
Sat images manually placed cursor correctly lined up in lower left corner
Fixed angle dimensions displaying as linear when using 2-letter command DA
Changed (Auto Place) label to (Geo Ref’d) in Sat Image dialog


Exception handling for sat image black box

Print scale no longer changes to .08333 when using Copy from Clipboard

Align Tool - Added square (pivot) and triangle (reference) point markers

Fixed dongle issue of erasing conventional licensing


2/27/2012 - 9.4.84
Updated Properties button design on Tool Zone menu
Select Google or Bing aerial photos from updated Sat Image tool
To use previous Sat Image tool • Hold down Shift key and click on Sat tool
New Camera / Target icons and cursors in CZPC and 3D Viewer
Align Common Points takes on elevation of point aligned to Align (elevation) work in progress to handle grouped objects
The Move Point (MP) takes on elevation of point moved to Aerial images placed from Google/Bing tool will always display 'to back'
Surfaces (textures) will always remain where placed if edited and not go 'to front'
Point Labels 'elev value' will reflect current precision setting 

6 /27/2012 - 9.4.8
Texture Scale now scales to a factor of 1 to 1000
Cache surfaces for faster redraw

Licensing (dongle) issues fixed
Texture Scale now scales to a factor of 1 to 1000
Import Sat Image (Bing) no longer fails to place image

Click the top “X” to close the application • user is prompted to save the file
OPEN from Lets Get Started screen • Now locates file correctly
No longer crashing when hitting Reset while using the Text tool
Save an imported ascii file to a czd extension.
Easy Builder • Dims on left side show up when placing bldg with dims displayed

Added new Easy Plan pre-fire planning system • Drawer below Tool Zone drawer
New Auto Align with Continous Line • Auto trims - first and last point
NOTE • Auto Align ON • First segment of cont line sets trace angle • now trace
NOTE • To Finish cont line in Auto Align mode • dbl click • Enter • R-click Finish
NOTE • Finish cont line in Auto Align mode auto trims the start and end points
NOTE • Auto Align mode creates a guide cursor that aligns to the trace angle
NOTE • Cntrl Key to release angle while drawing • Esc to undo last click
Auto Blot • Includes Text - Dimensions - Symbols - Arrows
Blot Color changed to Blot Prefs • Checkboxes for the various blot entities
Bitmaps • "Ignore Draw Order" checkbox in Settings and Bitmap Edit
NOTE • Bitmap draw order means that all things drawn stay on top of bitmaps
Bitmap Edit • De-select and refresh bitmap after clicking Back button
Dimension • Start out with Horz Text and Single Click Dim checked

1/25/2012 - 9.4.0

Easy Lines • New button style
Easy Streets • New button style
Bitmaps • Double click to Edit
Added more "Dash Dot" line types
Easy Intersection • Handles bigger
Added "Boundary ON" checkbox to Texture/Hatch dialog
New point styles added to Point Labels
Added Facebook • Twitter • YouTube to Help pull down
Bing Maps • Proxy Server settings dialog on Setting menu
Added "Templates" path to Admin.ini (;TemplatePath - $APPPATH\Templates)
Added CST menu files (Left Toolbox) to Admin.ini
"Show Startup Dialog" control in Admin.ini (;ShowStartUp=False)
Toolbox files (left side toolbox) changable in Settings dialog

Ortho ON • AutoSnap ON • Snap a Double Line to another line
Can't trim or extend a line to an arc or curve
Bing Maps • Controls show up on Bing dialog when using large fonts
Bing Maps • NO INTERNET • added "Close" tool
Bing Maps • NO SILVERLIGHT • install message and link added
3D Snapshot • Wall Evidence • irregular text characters

10 • 25 • 2011
Trim/Extend • working when trimming to an exact opposite corner of a rectangle
Easy Roofs • always display in 3D • dialog closes when going into 3D
Program opens faster
Trim • no longer explodes continuous lines
Dim dialog • text size and settings hand changed stick
Easy Stairs • values update when hand changed without using the arrows
Angle trap • tooltip on Speedbar matches the pull down menu label
Correctly hatch an irregular 3D polygon (cont line) that's bisected

Higher resolution and greater zoom level capability in the Bing Map image tool
Match Entity Propeties Tool • Selected obj takes properties of selected object
a • Select an object(s) you want to update to properties of an existing entity
b • Click the  Match Entity  tool from the Properties menu
c • Click on an enitity that has the properties you want to apply
Rubberbanding line thicker connected to the cursor when drawing
Point Label point style is now a small square from Pocket Zone or CDT data
Added the 3D Export icon to the button in 3D Preferences
DXF/DWG export msg • For complete export of all 3D data use the 3D Export tool
  [Read GARMIN GPX date in CDT]
a • When placing GPS data from CDT you get GeoRef msg like Bing Map msg
b • Find Bing Map associated with gpx data using Lat/Long coords from the project
c • Example •    29.97238595969975     -81.669592978432775
d • Enter this format in the Bing Map tool • 29.9723N 81.66959W
Added new Botts dots linetype buttons and group • reflectgroup
Cad Zone Twitter button link on Learning Center
Updated the look of the Draw and Snap buttons

07 • 13 • 2011
Network dongle fix. Updated "CZLicense.dll"

06 • 07 • 2011
Program no longer opens up with the last drawing you saved
Point Labels • double click on point label to bring up dialog
Dimension Edit • dynamic change dims like text when editing
Text Edit • update for a label in text dialog
Dongle • releases or terminates a session on the program close
Settings Dialog • Explode Groups (1-orignal layers  2-place layer  3-current layer)
Crash Fix • textures zoomed way in on print preview were not printing correctly
Crash Fix • create a DXF in the program - then NEW - then open DXF immediately
Crash Fix • Wall Evidence - select a point - open up Wall Evidence - FINISH
Zoom Previous back on the Speedbar
Facebook and YouTube links on the Learning Center
Body Poser • place extra bodies with spacebar - now they show up in 3D
KEP Manager • X and Y values in the KEP manager now match Frame Data Manager

04 • 27 • 2011
Text Edit • dynamically apply changes to text on screen when editing
Point Labels • If old style (v8) pt labels then no orange diamonds in layer mngr
Point Labels • Popup pt lbl dialog turned OFF in v9 pt lbls when using layer mngr
Point Labels • Layer mgr display (lite bulb) reflects point label display settings
Color 15 and 16 (white) bitmaps fixed in color properties pull-down menu
Layer Manager shortcuts working
Keylok (dongle) work
OCX work