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We know software is a big investment, both of your time and money. We believe you should never purchase software without first being able to try it for yourself! Reading a brochure, or watching a demonstration is just no substitute for opening up a program and seeing what you can make it do.

Do you already own CAD Zone software? If you have purchased a CAD Zone program in the past, you may be eligible for a FREE update to the latest version, or to purchase a new version at a greatly reduced upgrade price. Click here to see if you qualify for an update or upgrade.

                Here's how the evaluation works:              

All the FARO CAD Zone drawing programs, including Crash Zone, Fire Zone, Crime Zone, Quick Scene, and Insurance Zone, can be evaluated for a period of 10 uses. This means you can open the program ten times and have full use of all of the program's features, including the ability to save and print your diagrams. (Scroll down for more information on evaluating First Look Pro.) Here is how to evaluate one of the drawing programs:

  • Note: All FARO CAD Zone Software is available for computers running Microsoft® Windows™ XP, or higher, ONLY!

  • When you click the link below, you will be asked to fill out a simple form. If you wish to evaluate the software, you MUST provide us with a valid email address. 

  • A message will be sent to the email address you provide that contains a link you can click to download the evaluation program. This link takes you to a web page where you select the product that you wish to download. 
  • Click here for more help on how to download and install the evaluation software.
  • Follow the instructions in the Installation program to complete the installation. When finished, an icon is put on your desktop that you can use to launch (start) the software.

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  You can use the program 10 times with no restrictions!   

You can draw, edit, save, and print as many diagrams as you want!


    • After the 10 initial uses of the software, you can continue to evaluate it, however you will no longer be able to save your diagrams. You can continue to try out the program's features, but you must purchase the program and license it to use it for real work.

    • When you are ready to purchase the program, contact us.

         How do I evaluate First Look Pro?         

You can follow the steps outlined above to download and evaluate First Look Pro, the mobile pre-plan organizer. The only difference is that, since First Look Pro is a database program, the evaluation period is defined differently.

You can evaluate First Look Pro indefinitely with a database of
10 preplans, or for 30 days if you bring in a larger database.

First Look Pro comes with a sample database of less than 10 preplans. You can evaluate the software with this small sample for as long as you want. You can delete the sample preplans and create your own, as long as you do not exceed 10 records.

To really see how First Look Pro will work for you, you may want to import a database of addresses from your City or County GIS Department, Planning Department, or Dispatch Center. It is possible to bring in a large database of occupancies with the program still in evaluation mode. However, once the database exceeds 10 records, a timer begins that gives you 30 days to evaluate the program. 

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