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Current Crime Zone Versions



Two-Step Download!


Step 1: If you have previously purchased The Crash Zone Version 10, click on the link (on the right) to start the download.

(You can also use this download link to update any Version 10 program to the current version)

Crash and Crime Whats New


Step 1:

Download 32-bit 32-bit

Download 64-bit


Step 2: Download the 3D Symbol Library for Version 10

This download contains REQUIRED 3D objects used in Crime and Crash Zone

Step 2:



Multi-user "Dongle"

Instructions Links

Keylok software - you ONLY need this software if you are using the Keylok
multi-user hardware lock, or "dongle," to control your program licenses


Keylok Software Install Documentation

Install Guide

Keylok Manual


Sokkia ProLink


For those that are NOT using PocketZone and want to download direct from Sokkia on-board or the old SDR33/32 data collectors:

WCOMMS  Sokkia download program is a old DOS program that does not work with Windows 7

Found a free program on the Sokkia site called ProLink on this web page:

Scroll to very bottom to Software section to find “ProLink “   The Zipped file is about 14MB.  

Allows file format downloads: GSR, POWERSET, SCR1 & 2 Card reader, SDR 33/31, Set 5 & 6 and 100 series, etc.


OLDER Crime Zone Versions - from 2005

Date Instructions Links 


Update Version 9.00 (or later) to Version 9.4.91

If you have previously purchased The Crime Zone
Version 9, click on the link to start the download.

Crash and Crime Whats New

Crash and Crime Change Notes




Update Version 8.00 (or later) to Version 8.6.0

If you have previously purchased The Crime Zone 
Version 8, click on the link to start the download.

Crash and Crime Change Notes


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