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This short, but informative, movie will show you how easy it is  to create better crime scene diagrams with The Crime Zone!
The Crime Zone Movie

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  Are you a Crash Reconstructionist?

The Crash Zone is a powerful crash scene reconstruction program with amazing 3D, animation, and crash calculations!
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The Crime Zone Movie



The Crime Zone Features

The Crime Zone was created just for Law Enforcement Officers and Investigators, NOT for architects or homeowners who want to draw a floor plan. It is full of powerful features that make it fast and easy to draw crime scenes. The Crime Zone also includes accurate 3D features and animation.

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All of the features included in The Crash Zone for drawing crash scene diagrams are also included in The Crash Zone. One program has everything you need!

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If you use a total station or laser measurement device, be sure to consider our Pocket Zone, data collection software. Since Pocket Zone was created just for law enforcement officers and investigators, it's the easiest way to collect laser measurements of a crash or crime scene. Pocket Zone works seamlessly with The Crash Zone and The Crime Zone so you can turn your measurement data into a finished, courtroom-ready diagram!


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