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Electronic Help System  (.html format - These open in your internet browser)

 Version 9 Electronic Help

 Version 8 Electronic Help
User's Manuals (.pdf format - These open in Adobe Acrobat®)  
Crash Zone & Crime Zone User's Manual
This manual ships with Crash Zone and Crime Zone. It covers the basic drawing tools, selection, editing, placing symbols, placing text, bringing in measurements from different sources, creating 3D models, and creating animations.

Version 10 Addendum to the User's Manual

Creating Scale Diagrams Using CAD Zone - 2014
Written by Detective William Redfairn, retired after 21 years with the Las Vegas Metropolitan PD. Detective Redfairn uses this manual in classes he conducts to train Crash and Crime Zone users. It's a very comprehensive look at the basic and intermediate features of the programs.
(Due to the bookmarks used in this manual, it can not be opened in Firefox. Please use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome to open it.)

Pocket Zone Data Collection Software

Pocket Zone Field Manual

Crash Zone & Crime Zone Ver. 8 Manual CZ Point Cloud User's Manual
Crash Zone & Crime Zone Tutorials (.pdf format - These open in Adobe Acrobat®)
Simple Crash Diagramming Tutorial Homicide Diagramming Tutorial
Animation Tutorial Advanced Crash Diagramming Tutorial
 3D Basics Tutorial Advanced 3D Tutorial
CZ Point Cloud Tutorials - Use this link to display
the  Point Cloud Documentation web pages
Fire Investigation Tutorial
Tips, Tricks, and Other Documentation  (.pdf format - These open in Adobe Acrobat®)
 What's new in Version 10 Keep Your Software Up To Date
License Your CAD Zone Software Save These Files for Court!
One Reconstructionist's Courtroom Battle

Setting File Associations in Windows Explorer

General Drawing Tips  
2-Letter Shortcuts and Time Savers  Rotate Objects with Your Mouse
 Placing Digital Photos in Your Drawings Using Aerial Maps from Google™ or Bing™
 Mouse Control - 2D and 3D Drawing  How to Merge Two Drawings Together
Know Your Mouse Pointers (Cursors)  Print Poster-Size with Print Tiling
3D Tips  
Projecting 3D Points with Wall Evidence Creating Road Signs in 3D with Wall Evidence
Showing Spills on a Vertical Surface Mouse Tips - 2D and 3D Drawing
Align Text to a Sloped Surface  
 Animation Tips  
 Animating a Vehicle Pulling a Trailer Animating a Vehicle with a Passenger
 Animating Driving in Reverse  
Crash Reconstruction Tips  
Default NHTSA Car Data (Stiffness Coefficients) Friction Data - from SAE Doc 830612

 Free Resources for Crash Reconstruction





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