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3D Features for Crash and Crime Scene Drawings

You need 3D diagrams of crash and crime scenes, but you DO NOT want to draw in 3D - it is too hard to learn and takes too long to get results. Let Crash Zone and Crime Zone create your 3D diagrams for you with just one click! Our latest version has more 3D symbols and powerful new features like easy 3D surfaces, a profile generator, a slope calculator, and the ability to show evidence on vertical surfaces. Version 9 includes many new and improved 3D features!


 One Click 3D! Automatically convert your 2D diagrams to accurate 3D models - complete with line types, symbols, text and dimensions! Create your diagram with ease in 2D, assign heights to walls, then click one button to view it in 3D. The generation of complex 3D objects and symbols is done for you in the background. 

3D Smooth Shading - Now your 3D images will look more realistic than ever with our new smooth shading technology! You control the type of rendering and lighting to obtain the best possible image.


Adjust Vehicle Reflectivity! - Adjust the spectral reflectivity of vehicles to make them look more or less "shiny." Combine this feature with the new 3D Light Source Shading to create more realistic-looking 3D scenes. Now you can get exactly the look you want.

3D Light Source Positioning -  Now your 3D images will look even more realistic with our new Light Source Shading. New options allow you to change the brightness and position of the light source to get the most realistic image. You can adjust the light source both horizontally and vertically to show the position of the sun or other light source during any time of day.


Create 3D Animations – Create impressive 3D Animations from any viewpoint in your diagram. Just draw the path of the symbols that you want to put in motion (vehicles, people, bullets, cows, whatever!), based on the measurements you took at the scene. Place Key Event Points to show where changes in velocity and rotation occur, then watch the movie. It’s completely accurate because it’s based on your exact measurements. Now you can generate 3D animations with a moving viewpoint to show what might have been seen by the driver of a vehicle or to do a realistic "walk through" of the scene.
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Import 3D data from Lasers and Total Stations! Shoot your points and bring them in to create completely accurate, 3D drawings. Import measurement data from Laser Technology systems and most total stations made by Topcon, Sokkia, Nikon, Leica and more. Ideal for Forensic Mapping.

High-resolution 3D Snapshots -Windows 7 users can now create their 3D snapshot images in higher resolutions, dependent on the resolution available with their video graphics card. (This feature is now available in Windows XP or Vista.)

Compatible with Pocket Zone - Use Pocket Zone, pocket PC data collection software, to control your total station and record manual measurements. Seamlessly bring your 3D measurement data into the Crash or Crime Zone to create the finished 3D scene.

Use your accurate measurements to show the exact location of blood spatter, bullet holes, and bullet trajectories.

Evidence on Vertical Surfaces - Show evidence on walls and other vertical surfaces. Use the easy 2D drawing tools to draw blood spatter, bullet holes, fingerprints, or whatever you want. Even place labels and dimensions. Just one click lets you see it in 3D!

Show Bullet Trajectories -Place points for any bullet holes, according to your measurements. Assign each point the proper 3D elevation, connect them with lines, and then just click the 3D button to view it.

Establish Line of Sight -Place the camera at eye level to determine exactly what a witness could see - even from inside a vehicle!


Draw 3D lines, spline curves and arcs! Do it easily by snapping to elevated points in 2D, see the perfect results in 3D. Use 3D lines to quickly show bullet trajectories!

3D Object Length Tool -  When you are in a 2D view, now you can easily measure and label the true, 3D, length of any object (arcs, curves, circles, lines, and polygons) selected in the diagram.

3D line types -You can turn any line, arc, or curve into a custom line type. Use line types to draw fences, guard rails, culverts, highway dividers, cones, and more. See them perfectly in 3D!

Whether you take manual measurements, or use a total station, it's easy to convert your points to a 3D surface!


Easy 3D Surfaces -Enter your 3D points and "connect the dots" in 2D to define the surfaces. The surfaces display perfectly in 3D! Ideal for Accident Recon- structionists!

Profile Generator - Quickly create a profile view of a 3D cross section. Show cross sections of any road. Ideal for line-of-sight investigations!

Automatic Surfaces - You can select any number of points and automatically turn them into a surface. This is ideal for creating 3D surfaces from points you capture with a laser device. Auto-surfacing now allows you to select boundaries of complex shapes and generate quick 3D surfaces without overlapping sections.


Textures in 3D -You can apply the new Textures to surfaces to add a more realistic look to asphalt parking lots, grass fields, ponds, and so on. There are 50 new textures and all of them display in 2D and 3D views. Adjust the scale of the texture to make it look exactly the way you want it.

Slope Calculator - Instantly calculates the total movement, horizontal distance, angle, slope distance, percent of slope, and degree of slope between points.


3D Doors & Windows - Quickly draw doors and windows in 2D and 3D. Just enter a width and height, then click in the drawing to show the location and door swing. The opening is cut and it displays perfectly both in 2D and in 3D!

Assign Heights to Symbols -Easily give an exact height to any symbol like trees, fences, and vehicles!

View the Scene From Any Angle! Simply drag the 'Target' to the center of your scene and drag the 'Camera' to the place where you want to view the scene. Adjust the zoom and height above the scene to see exactly what you want.
Unique 3D tools make it easy to add stairs, ramps, doors, and windows to your scenes.
Thousands of 3D Symbols - Easily place pre-drawn symbols in 2D and they convert to 3D automatically! Pre-drawn 3D Symbols are included for vehicles, trees, street lights, signs, furniture, appliances, fixtures, doors, cabinets, weapons, evidence, stairs, clothing, and more! Change the color, size and rotation of symbols as you place them!

3D Symbol Align - Align any symbol to a surface with just one click, or align symbols to any three points. Ideal for aligning vehicles to a road.

Pose Bodies in 3D - Quickly pose a body in 2D and see the results automatically in 3D. Assign bodies an exact height, gender and build. You can select colors for clothing. You can even amputate body parts!

Save 3D Images to .pdf or .jpg -Copy the images back into your 2D drawing or bring your 3D snapshots into your reports!

3D Symbol Preview -The Symbol Manager has a new look so symbols are easier to find. You can also choose whether to preview a symbol in 2D or 3D to make sure you get the one you want.

stair-builder3D Stair and Ramp Builder -Create accurate 3D stairways, ramps, and ladders with this amazing new toolbox. Choose one of the five stair styles. Enter the exact values for rise, tread, width, and number of stairs, or enter the overall length and height of the entire stair way. If desired, add railings, change colors, and assign an elevation.Use the 3D viewing tools to view your stairway from any angle, place a body on your stairs, or any other symbol. 

Unlimited Undo/Redo!You never have to worry about making a mistake or placing a symbol incorrectly. You can Undo and Redo as many steps as you want.

Text & Dimensions -Easily draw notes and dimensions in 2D and see them in your 3D diagrams!

Unlimited Zooms - Zoom in as far as you want and never lose resolution. Lines stay crisp!

Training is available -You can come to the CAD Zone's training center or attend classes at many colleges and academies, including IPTM and U of C - Riverside. Training is also provided by a large network of individual trainers in the US and Canada. Check our Training Web Site for information!

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