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Basic Feature List - Crash Scene Drawings

Crash Zone and Crime Zone were the world's first drawing programs developed just for law enforcement professionals and private investigators. They are easy to learn and use because the features were created only for you - not for engineers or surveyors. For over 20 years, the programs have been packed full of powerful, yet easy-to-use features, so you can draw, analyze, and animate crash scenes and crime scenes easier and faster than ever. No other crash scene drawing program is more fully-featured or more accurate!

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                                Crash Zone Features                            

Powerful Drawing and Editing Features - Use your measurements to draw lines, arcs, circles, curves, and more. Use them to draw buildings, streets, parking lots, evidence, and anything else in your scene. You can even create accurate 3D curves and arcs! 

Thousands of Pre-drawn Symbols of almost everything you will find at a crash or a crime scene, including vehicles, signs, trees, shrubs, street lights, traffic control items, bodies, clothing, weapons, and animals. The powerful Symbol Manager Toolbox makes it easy to find and place symbols in your diagram at any size and any rotation. 

Drawing Preview Window - See previews of all the drawings you have recently created and edited, search for drawings, access movies, and training documents.

An aerial photograph of a crash is used as the background for a Crash Zone diagram. Lines, arcs, symbols, text and dimensions can all be drawn on top of the photograph.

Import Images - Bring in satellite photos and other digital photos. Place them in your diagrams to show vehicle damage, body positions, and evidence.

Automatic Save and Incremental Back-up  So you can't lose your work to a power outage or computer glitch.

50+ Hatch Patterns - Cover areas with a pattern or solid color. Show grass, concrete, water, blood, etc. Use hatches to show blood spatter on walls, fluid spills, and more.

100+ Automatic Line Types - Apply "line types" to any line, arc, or curve to draw them as railroad tracks, fences, skid marks, lane lines, footprints, guard rails, and more. Line types convert to 3D automatically. 

Unlimited Undo/Redo! Quickly fix mistakes! Go back and forth as many steps as you want.

"As a reconstructionist, I can't say enough about Crash Zone. My diagrams
have always been accepted in court for collisions, crime scenes,
and insurance litigation. A 2D Crash Zone diagram of mine was
accepted and posted by NHTSA" - Officer Mike Allard, Northampton PD (MA)

Powerful Crash Calculation Tools - Crash Reconstructionists will love pulling measurements right off their diagrams to perform the standard calculations, including multi-surface skid analysis, approach and departure angles, momentum calculator, crush analysis, and more! Click here to learn more!

Easy Streets Toolbox - Turn any line, arc, or curve into a multi-lane street. Just point and click to change lane widths and centerline types. Automatically calculates increasing or decreasing radius of simple and complex curves!

Easy Lines Toolbox for point and click measurement entry. Fast and accurate, even for entering baseline and triangulation measurements and for drawing a vector line. Lets you quickly create your crash scene drawing to exactly match your manual measurements.

Easy Templates - Predrawn templates of streets and intersections. Just drop them into place and add your vehicles. Create and save your own templates of intersections in your area. 


Fastest Intersections - The Easy Intersection Toolbox lets you create complex intersections with just a few mouse clicks. Select from 10 basic intersection shapes, then add up to 20 lanes in each street! Change lane widths and centerline types too. Just click to add turn bays, medians, bus turnouts, crosswalks, by-passes, street names, and more.

Powerful Import features - Save and load drawings in .dxf and AutoCAD® .dwg file formats. Bring in diagrams of intersections from your city or county! 

Image Editing Tools - Automatically scale photographs and images to real-world size with the Two-Point Scale feature. Easily rotate images, fade them, put them on separate layers for tracing, and more. These tools are ideal for incorporating aerial and satellite images into your crash scene drawings!

Add Diagrams To Your Reports - Export your crash scene drawings to a .jpg or .pdf file. These file formats can easily be shared with others and put into reports!

One Click 3D! Automatically convert your 2D diagrams to 3D models - complete with 3D symbols, line types, text and dimensions! View the scene from any angle, show 3D surfaces, align symbols to a surface, pose 3D bodies, show bullet trajectories, and more! Click here to learn more!

Animate Your Diagram – The new Animation tools make it easy to show the 2D or 3D motion of any symbols in your diagrams. Just draw the path of the symbols that you want to put in motion (vehicles, people, bullets, even cows), based on the measurements you took at the scene. Place Key Event Points to show where changes in velocity and rotation occur, then watch the movie. It’s the easiest way to create accurate animations of your scenes! Click here to learn more!

symbol-managerFlexible Symbol Placement - A powerful Symbol Manager Toolbox makes it easy to find and place symbols in your diagrams. Change symbol size, rotation, and color, all in one step.

Save Your Own Symbols - Draw your own symbols and add them to the symbol library automatically. 

Import from Lasers and Total Stations - Shoot your points, lines, arcs, and curves, and bring them into your drawing to create completely accurate 2D and 3D drawings. Compatible with Laser Technology, Topcon, Nikon, Sokkia, Leica, and more!

Unlimited Zooms - Zoom in as far as you want and your lines stay crisp.

Text & Quick Labels - Choose any font, color and text size. Type what you want, or select from predrawn labels. Add your own labels to the pick list.

One Click Dimensions - Put dimensions into place with a single mouse click. Let the program calculate the distance, or type any measurement.

Vehicle Specifications Database - Obtain vehicle specifications and a to-scale outline for most vehicles by selecting them from an industry-standard database. The outline is drawn to exact specifications so you can stretch any of the 3D vehicle symbols to have the exact size. Free database updates when available.

Coordinate Data Table – Import measurement data in all common ASCII file formats such as from a total station or GPS device.

Use Manual Measurements - Input manual baseline or triangulation methods measurements in a spread sheet format using . You preview the resulting points, lines, arcs and curves before placing them in your diagram. All of your measurement data can be exported to a text file (.txt) or to an Excel® spreadsheet.


255 Drawing Layers - Organize your drawings with named layers. Turn the display of individual layers on or off so you can display the scene differently, such as the approach or departure from the crash. 

Flexible Printing Options - Print to scale, fit to paper, or tile onto multiple pieces of paper to make a poster-size drawing. Also supports printing to any size on large-format plotters. 

Nite Vision Mode - You can choose to display you diagrams on a black background to eliminate temporary blindness at night from looking at a bright screen.

Compatible with Pocket Zone, Pocket PC Data Collection Software - Use Pocket Zone to control your total station or record manual measurements, then bring in that 3D data to create the finished scene. Pocket Zone is available separately. 

Training is Available at The CAD Zone's training center and through many colleges and academies, including IPTM and U of C - Riverside. Training is also provided by a large network of individual trainers throughout the US and Canada. Check our Training Web Site for more information. Live Online training is available over the web.

"For more than 10 years we have used Crash Zone to go 
unchallenged in court. Your products have kept us on the winning side
and withstood the test of time. Thank you for providing the tools to win!"
Mike Bann, Accident Measurement and Mapping, Yuma (AZ)

                     Crime Zone Features (included!)                  

The Crash Zone also includes all the features you need to draw accurate, detailed, crime scene diagrams. There is no need to buy more than one program and there are no expensive add-on modules.  So what's the difference between The Crime Zone and The Crash Zone? Nothing! Click here to learn more!  

Easy Builder - Quickly draw building outlines - just select a shape and type in the measurements or simply drag the walls to the right size! With just a few mouse clicks you can make nearly any shape and size building footprint. Easy Builder will even place wall dimensions automatically.

Amazing 2D/3D Body Poser - The unique Body Poser toolbox lets you give a body exactly the right pose in 2D and in 3D drawings. Just point and click to select gender, height, and a basic pose, such as running or sitting. Drag each joint and limb to the desired position and then change skin color and clothes color to match the scene. You can even save poses to use them again later.

Automatically Place Doors & Windows - Quickly draw doors and windows to any height and width, according to the exact measurements. They display perfectly in 2D and 3D.

And All the Other Crime Zone Features - Click here to learn more!

FREE Technical Suport and Training materials - It's easy to teach yourself how to use the program. Take advantage of our FREE telephone and email technical support. Follow the tutorials and instructions in the FREE printed User's Manual. Watch the FREE training movies for step-by-step instructions! 

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