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Quick Scene is a "lite" version of The Crash Zone. It's  ideal for drawing simple diagrams, like those in state  reports.  Click here to learn more about Quick Scene.

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Crash Zone - Version 10

Crash Scene Diagrams Made Easy

For more than 20 years The Crash Zone has been the drawing program of choice for Crash  Reconstructionists and Law Enforcement Officers who need to accurately map crash scenes. The latest version of Crash Zone has even more tools for investigators, including high-resolution, 3D graphics*, satellite image clean-up and draping over terrain, easy 3D animations, a vehicle specifications database, skid analysis and momentum calculations, and an easy-to-use 3D body poser. Crash Zone is also ideal for drawing crime scenes!

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If you have an earlier version of Crash Zone or Crime Zone, you qualify for a low-cost upgrade.  
Call 800-641-9077 for information. Click here to see what's new in Version 10.


 Completely Accurate - Your diagrams are always as accurate your measurements. Crash Zone is a true 3D, vector-based, CAD application with accuracy 16 places to the right of the decimal point.

fuel-spillMore Ways to Measure - Whether you take manual measurements, use photogrammetry, or bring in data points from laser measurement devices like total stations and 3D scanners, Crash Zone can handle it.

 Precise 2D/3D Drawing and Editing - Powerful drawing and editing features make it fast and easy to create a simple 2D sketch or a complex 3D reconstruction.

 Analyze the Event - Crash reconstruction tools use the data in the diagram to perform skid, momentum, critical speed, and crush analysis. You can also perform line of sight analyses with the Profile View feature and bullet trajectory studies with the new trajectory cones.

Present Your Results With Animation - Present your results by creating 2D and 3D animations of the event. Animations are based on the exact data points in the drawing, so they are complete accurate and verifiable.

 Faster Drawings - Because Crash Zone is just for investigators, all the features are designed to make your  job fast and easy. It includes thousands of pre-drawn symbols of almost everything at a crash site and special line types let you turn any line, arc or curve into a guardrail, fence, railroad track or 90 other "lines."

Widely Accepted in Court - Thousands of Investigators and Crash Reconstructionists have used diagrams and animations created with Crash Zone and Crime Zone to help win their cases in court.

Once the diagram is complete, you can view the scene in 3D from any angle and elevation.

Highway Crash

highway crash 3
highway crash 2

Realistic Presentations - The new Version 10 features high-resolution 3D graphics, so your drawings will not only be completely accurate, they look great, too. Special Lighting Controls allow you to adjust intensity, shine, glass transparency, and light source shading.

Easy to Learn -Unique toolboxes and "Wizards" let you draw complex streets and intersections with just a few mouse clicks. Other visual toolboxes let you just point and click to draw doors, windows, 3D stairs, ramps, roofs, and more. Much of the drawing is already done for you with predrawn symbols and linetypes. Refer to the "Self-Help" documentation and training movies to learn how.

Audi 3


Easy Animations - Put your 2D and 3D diagrams in motion using Crash Zone's 3D Animation Tools. Use your measured data points to show changes in the vehicle's velocity and rotation that define the path. Use the unique frame-by-frame data manger to display, edit, and export all the animation data to ensure it is accurate and verifiable. Click to learn more.

Compatible With Laser Devices - Ideal for forensic mapping! Add the CZ Point Cloud module (available separately) and create accurate, 3D drawings from the point cloud captured by a FARO® Focus 3D laser scanner.  Import measurement data from Laser Technology systems and most total stations made by Leica, Topcon, Sokkia, Nikon AIMS, and more. 

Crash Reconstruction Tools -  Use the multi-surface Skid Analysis tools to calculate pre-impact and post-impact speeds. Determine approach and departure angles of vehicles using the Momentum Angles toolbox. Plug the results of the Skid and Momentum Angles tools into the Momentum Calculator to determine vehicle speeds at impact. Import your measurement data into the Crush Calculator and estimate Equivalent Barrier Speed. Click to learn more.

Import Satellite Images -Just enter an address or nearby intersection to bring in geo-referenced aerial images from Microsoft's Bing™ maps or Google Maps. Use aerial images as a background for diagrams to make them look more realistic.

Show Terrain With Image Draping - Drape a satellite image over 3D data points captured with a laser scanner or total station. This realistic image of the terrain is an ideal backdrop for courtroom presentations and animations. It's easy to snap to data points or draw contour lines and mold the image to the data.


Select 3D data points captured with a total station
or laser scanner


Drape, or mold, an aerial photograph to the points for a realistic view of the terrain.

Easy Vehicle Database!Obtain vehicle specifications and a scaled outline for most vehicles by selecting them from an industry-standard database. The outline is drawn to exact specifications for length, width, center of mass, wheelbase, front and rear overhang. Easily stretch any of the detailed, 3D vehicle symbols to have the same size as the outline. Updates to the database are downloaded for free!

Four way intersection

Crash Zone is also for Drawing Crime Scenes!

If you also draw crime scenes, Crash Zone has all the features you will need, including powerful tools for drawing 2D and 3D rooms and buildings, ability to easily show blood spatter and other evidence on vertical surfaces, an accurate 2D/3D body poser, 3D animation, thousands of pre-drawng symbols of evidence, furniture, weapons, and more. Crash Zone and Crime Zone are essentially the same program, you can pick the name you prefer to use. Click here to learn more.

Training Widely Available!Training courses are available at colleges and institutes across North America, including The IPTM, Henry Lee Institute, Ontario Police College, Fox Valley College, UC Riverside, and many more. Check out our special Training Web Site to find trainers near you and see a list of upcoming classes. Click to learn more.

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 *Due to the new, high-resolution graphics, Version 10 requires a video board with support for Open GL 3 or higher. Click here for more information and to test your computer for compatibility.

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