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Computer Animation
The "art" of creating moving images
via the use of computers. (

 We must have given the wrong name to our new Animation Tools, because there is no art involved! Animations created in The Crash & Crime Zone are realistic depictions of the event, based completely on the accurate data you measure at the site. There is no computer magic being done behind the scenes! You can quickly create a movie of a crash scene or crime scene that shows the motion of vehicles, people, bullets - anything that was moving at the scene. There is no easier way to create a crash scene animation or a crime scene animation.  Look at these examples:

Parking Lot Crash Animation Demo

 Once you have measured the scene and created your crash or crime scene diagram, there are just five easy steps to create a courtroom ready animation:

  1. Place reference symbols at each documented position of the objects being animated, such as vehiclesinvolved in a crash.  
  2. Draw the path the objects took using lines, arcs, and curves. 
  3. Define Key Event Points where changes in velocity and direction take place. 
  4. Run the animation.
  5. Pat yourself on the back for creating a professional animation in minutes and saving yourself  thousands of dollars by not having to buy another expensive program or add-on module! 

       There are no expensive add-on modules to buy      
              and no outrageous maintenance fees!              

The resulting animations are easy to create, impressive to watch, and as accurate as your own data. You can easily verify that the animation is correct because the animated object will pass exactly through the reference symbols you initially placed. Here are some of the features of these amazing new tools:

Everything is included! The basic Crash Zone and Crime Zone software includes all the features you need to create accurate, realistic, 2D and 3D animations.

2D or 3D –You choose whether to display your animations in 2D or 3D (it’s all included!). All calculations of the object’s position and velocity are based on x,y,z coordinate measurements, and yaw, pitch, and roll at any time as the object moves along the path you define.
View from any position –View your 3D animations from any stationary point to show exactly what a witness described.

Moving Camera Animations –New in V9! Use this new tool to create animations from a viewpoint that moves though the scene. For example, you can create an animation showing the view of a person driving a vehicle during a crash or someone moving through a scene. This is ideal for doing a "walk through" of a crime scene.



Key Event Points (KEPs) –Define Key Event Points that show exactly where objects change velocity and direction, based on the exact points you measured at the scene. The software doesn't make any assumptions!

Validate it –As the animation progresses, the vehicles (or other objects) pass exactly through the reference symbols that you initially placed at measured locations. This lets you verify the animation’s accuracy. If they do not, edit your KEPs to fix it!  
Create collisions - Synchronize any objects so they always collide at exactly the right position.

Double-precision, Floating Point Accuracy All calculations are done with extreme accuracy – sixteen places to the right of the decimal point!

Compatible with HVE -If you use this popular similuation program from Engineering Dynamics Corporation, you can automatically create animations in Crash Zone from your HVE data.

Combine satellite images and photographs –Use satellite images or digital photographs as a backdrop to your animations to show the exact details of the scene. Makes for even more impressive presentations!

Faster Previews -New in V9 Scroll through animations faster than ever with the new improved navigation techology in Version 9. 

Real time play back –All animations are displayed in real time, regardless of your computer’s processor speed. The faster your computer, the smoother the animation will run.

Frames saved individually –You define how many frames per second, up to 100. An image file is saved for each frame, with the position and velocity data. Print individual frames for use in reports or presentations.

Compatible with Windows Movie Maker and AVI Formats –Watch your animations in Crash Zone or Crime Zone, or create a movie and display it in the industry-standard Windows Movie Maker (you can download Movie Maker for free from Microsoft). You can also save your animations to the standard .AVI file format so they can be played in most any movie player available.

Accepted in Court -Because CAD Zone animations are based completely on your measurements at the scene, they are easy to defend in court. In fact, CAD Zone animations have not been rejected as evidence by any court!

Animations created in The Crash Zone and Crime Zone can be viewed from any angle, as shown in these examples:

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