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Since 1991, first responders and investigators have depended on CAD Zone software to make their jobs easier and safer. If you draw crash scenes, crime scenes, or pre-fire plans, this is for you!
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You know that having accurate, easy-to-read, pre-incident plans will save lives and property. The Fire Zone is the tool that will help you do it! For nearly 20 years, The Fire Zone has been the drawing program of choice for firefighters and fire investigators who depend on having accurate, easy-to-read, pre-incident plans. 
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The NEW Version 9 The Crash Zone is the drawing program of choice for Accident Reconstructionists and Law Enforcement Officers who need to accurately map crash scenes. With The Crash Zone you can easily turn your measurements of a crash scene into an accurate, 2D diagram and then into a realistic 3D model with animation.
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With NEW Version 9 of The Crime Zone, it's easy to draw accurate, realistic, 2D and 3D views of any crime scene that are ideal for courtroom presentations. For nearly 20 years, thousands of police officers and Crime Scene investigators have used accurate diagrams and animations created with The Crime Zone to help win their court cases.

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What's New At The CAD Zone?

Laser Scanning Conferences a Huge Success!

The PPI Group and The CAD Zone recently hosted seminars in Portland and Seattle to introduce laser scanning to investigators. Our goal was to show that laser scanners are such a powerful new tool, every forensic investigator will want to have one. Three law enforcement investigators presented their real-life scenarios of how scanners have changed the way they document crash and crime scenes. A live demonstration showed how easy it is to set up the scanner, capture the data, and create accurate, 3D drawings of the scene using CZ Point Cloud software, from The CAD Zone. Click here to learn more about the conferences and see videos of the presentations.

Real Diagrams from Point Cloudscamaro-animation

CZ Point Cloud™makes it easy to get the measurements you need from the "point cloud" data that is generated by your laser scanner. CZ Point Cloud works side-by-side with Crash Zone or Crime Zone and it's just as easy to use! Snap to the points you need in the cloud and see the diagram being created automatically in Crash Zone (or Crime Zone) as a completely accurate, 3D model.
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New CAD Zone Law
Enforcement Users!

Several Investigators with the US Army now use CZ Point Cloud with The Crime Zone to create drawings using their laser scanners!

The Florida Highway Patrol stays with Crash Zone for the 9th year, upgrading their 2000 copies of Crash Zone to Version 9!

Pembrooke Pines PD (FL) chooses 200 copies of Quick Scene for their crash report diagrams!

The LA State Police, already Crash Zone and Pocket Zone users, adds CZ Point Cloud to create drawings of crashes they scan!

The Portland Police Bureau (OR), Federal Way PD (WA) are now creating drawings from their point clouds using CZ Point Cloud!

Harwich PD (MA) upgrades their Crash Zones to Version 9 and adds more copies!

Join These New Fire Service Users!

San Francsico FD (CA) is creating pre-fire plan drawings faster than ever before with Easy Plan!

Marquette Township FD (MI) keeps Fire Zone and First Look Pro working by upgrading and adding more copies!

Fort Lauderdale FD (FL) puts 25 copies of Easy Plan to work for pre-incident plan drawings!

Idaho Falls (ID) stays with Fire Zone and adds the flexibility of a dongle!

Castle Rock FD (CO) standardizes on Fire Zone for creating pre-fire plan diagrams!

Pre-fire planning grows as the Millersville (PA) Fire Company adds more Fire Look Pros

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